Sunday, October 2, 2011

DC, readers and other people's money.

After a 7 year old girl, wrote DC Comics a letter about their increased amount of T&A, DC's response was screw off you should not be reading our books.

Well DC they should, you see COMICS are a dying medium, with old readers being turned away, and no younger readers joining in because the content of these books is not for them.  Why do they not care, because DC and MARVEL are funded by someone else's money, money that they did not earn. Comics like the other entertainment companies, are all owned by something else. DC is pat of the Time-Warner conglomerate, MARVEL is a part of Disney now. Not only that their main revenue is no longer comic book sales but rather licensing their properties for movies, TV and merch.

The same kind of attitude is what led to the collapse of the WCW, since it was Ted Turner's baby, Eric Bischoff started blowing money on things that in the end only entertained him and not wrestling fans. Examples included ratings killers like concerts such with Megadeth and KISS, who would also have a wrestler that debuted to the delight of no one. He blew several million on Master P to show up and not wrestle and did the same for Dennis Rodman. In the end the company collapsed because they gave up on the fans and the fans then gave up on them.

Comics are dying as a medium not because kids would rather play on their XBOXes but because the content is made more to entertain those who make the books than for those who read them,