Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Classy Obama Classy


Classy we have radicals out "guarding" polls.

Shitty Jobs


Quite Possibly the most honest video about "JOBS" of this entire campaign. Let's face it most of those "jobs" going overseas are SHIT jobs. Face it most of these jobs going overseas are GARBAGE jobs. Unions made it worse because, no company wants to pay 10-20 and hour to a high school dropout on a job that requires little if no training.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Professionalism


I was reading this blog about Lohan, and there is a word that Lindsay needs to get burned into her brain. It is PROFESSIONALISM. She needs to learn it fast if she wants any chance to save what sorry excuse of a career she has.

All talent in holly wood has a expiration date, and Lindsay's expired a long time ago. Now you can delay this date by nurturing your talents and career and avoiding destructive behavior.

It happened when she decided to concentrate more on being a spoiled drunk than her career. Now the Entertainment Machine has moved on to other talent such as Ashley Tisdale and her friends. WHY? because unlike Lindsay, she has a career plan and understands PROFESSIONALISM. She is hard working, determined and bothers to show up to work SOBER and ON TIME. After HSM, she already has two producer credits, a 2nd album in the making. This will evaporate if she decides to care more about getting wasted with her BF at trendy clubs and getting into embarrassing public fiascoes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idea for Eddie Murphy's next flop

Since Meet Dave crashed and burned at the Box office, no suprise there as the film was way too much like Norbit, and reeking with the stink of Pluto Nash.

Since I have nothing better to do I come up with a idea that could well be far worse.

ASS WORLDS: The world inside you ass.

The Story is about Average Joe(Murphy) who after swimming at the local beach is attacked by a sea creature which attempts to copulate with his ass. The creature deposits some of its "juice" into his rectum. After getting a rectal exam by his local doctor Proctologist Dr Reeves(Murphy)he discovers the juice has bonded with his Anal contents and created a thriving civilization with streets, homes families and businesses such as PoopShop and McCraps.

Dr reeves seeing the potential of this new world decided to build a exploration team and develops a craft that can miniturize itself and its crew to further explore Ass World and hope to capitalize on this film and build a vacation resort.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Superman, the septuagenarian original comic book superhero

by Luis Torres de la Llosa Sat Jun 14, 3:02 AM ET

NEW YORK (AFP) - Superman, the original comic book superhero, turns 70 this month, but his strength and invulnerability draws fewer fans in the 21st century world of flawed, postmodern heroes.

An indisputable icon of American pop culture, the Man of Steel made his first appearance in the June 1938 issue of "Action Comics." He is the brainchild of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, residents of the midwestern town of Cleveland, Ohio.

Superman can fly in the sky, but he's not a bird or a plane. He's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

About 1.9 meters (six feet, three inches) tall and weighing some 102 kilos (225 pounds), Superman has blue eyes, black hair and is a mild-mannered reporter working at the "Daily Planet" newspaper under the alias Clark Kent. He was born on the planet Krypton, exiled to Earth as an infant, and for decades has been fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

"He is a complete fiction, but he is so complete, so ideal, and so well-known around the world -- most Americans will know his origin simply by osmosis by the time they are eight -- that he is a much fuller representation of an American self-view than Uncle Sam or Mickey Mouse," said Bradley Ricca, who produced a documentary titled "Last Son" on the origin of Superman.

"He really is the quintessential modern American symbol," said Ricca, who is a Case Western University professor specializing in American literature and popular culture. "He is an immigrant in an imperfect world" who "battles injustice in any form."

Superman "is the first fictional superhero, with all the characteristics at the same time: the powers, the cape, the secret identity, the colorful costume, the complicated love triangle, and the unmatched sense of justice," Ricca told AFP.

Superman "is the progenitor of the genre and sets the standard for other figures," said Peter Coogan, who holds a doctorate in American Studies from Michigan State University and specializes in superheroes in US history.

"It can be said that all superheroes are imitations of or the children of Superman," playing "a symbolizing function as an embodiment of American mythology," Coogan told AFP.

"Superheroes embody a vision of the use of power unique to America. Superheroes enforce their own visions of right and wrong on others, and they possess overwhelming power, especially in relation to ordinary crooks," said Coogan, who also heads the non-profit Institute for Comics Studies.

In his 2007 master's thesis at Georgia State University, another student of the genre, Aaron Pevey, wrote that Superman lost popularity precisely because he is invulnerable.

"While Superman might have succeeded as a modern hero, he fails as a postmodern one," wrote Pevey. That explains, he believes, why DC Comics has seen a slump in sales of Superman comics over the last few years.

Teenagers prefer darker, troubled, sometimes ambivalent heros, including such classics as Batman, Spider-Man or Wolverine of "X-Men" fame.

Superman, born in the years before World War II and a distant heir of Nietzsche's Ãœbermensch, has seen his personality change over time.

While aggressive in the 1940s, by the 1950s the storyline focus was more on Clark Kent's quest for the love of Lois Lane, his colleague and future wife. In the 1960s and 1970s Superman developed a more complex personality, and in 1986, DC Comics hired John Byrne to carry out a character overhaul. The result was a character that was less of a messianic figure and more of a modern-day Hercules.

With sales slumping, DC Comics killed off Superman in a battle with a powerful character named Doomsday in 1993. But Superman, whose various nicknames include "The Man of Tomorrow," of course come back from the dead.

In a country where the quest for entertainment is a national obsession, it is more likely that Superman will continue facing close encounters with deadly kryptonite than he will be forced into retirement.

"Superman has endured, and will endure, because he is more than just a silly character with his underwear on the outside and a spitcurl," said Ricca. "He is the hope not that we can be rescued, but that we can be good."

Two children look at the cover of a comic book showing Superman, distributed by the UN, UNICEF, and DC Comics in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The comic books aim to teach children the danger of land mines. Superman, the original comic book superhero, turns 70 this month, but his strength and invulnerability draws fewer fans in the 21st century world of flawed, postmodern heroes.

Also it does not help that Hollywood cannot even make a passable Superman film, and worse yet EVERY Superman game made SUCKS ASS. As of right now the next Superman film, Man of Steel s going to be a reboot of the Superman Returns reboot. Not suprising given the people who worked on that film.

What is the best Superman property that has been a hit with the teen crowd? SMALLVILLE and why is it a hit? Because it is about a young Clark Kent growing into the role of being a hero facing the same problems that teens and young adults have to face as well. These are problems the type of problems and issues that superpowers do not always work against.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I wish I was making this up

Read On People.......from IGN

More Hasbro Movies Coming
Transformers just the beginning.
by Scott Collura

May 13, 2008 - What is this world we live in, where a toy company is also at the forefront of some of the biggest Hollywood movies out there?

Where you been, bub? It's the year 2008, where comic books, TV shows, and toys are the hot items to base your movies on. And big-gun toymaker Hasbro knows it too, which is why they have appointed Bennett Schneir as the company's top creative executive on its film side.

Schneir, according to Variety, has previously served as VP of creative affairs for ImageMovers Digital, Robert Zemeckis' company, where he handled Disney-related projects and also produced the CGI animation Monster House.

Ridley Scott
The exec will be a key player as Hasbro's six-film deal with Universal develops, which will include projects based on properties such as Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, Battleship, Magic: The Gathering, and Stretch Armstrong. As has been previously reported, Ridley Scott's Scott Free is developing Monopoly for the big-screen.

Of course, Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe are also on the Hasbro slate, though they will be distributed by Paramount. Hasbro hopes to have the first of its Universal films out by 2010 or 2011.

"Our goal is to deliver more fantastic cinematic experiences, similar to what we did along with DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures with Transformers," says John Frascotti, Hasbro's global chief marketing officer.


You read it right, Ridley Scott (Alien, Blackhawk Down, Gladiator) is now certifiable insane. He is directing a monopoly movie,..... a MONOPOLY MOVIE. A movie based on a board game, and they are not going to stop there, we have Candy Land, Battleship and Magic the Gathering, although Stretch Armstrong film was being kicked around for years, with one plan to have Stretch played by Jackie Chan.

Monopoly..... it is also rumored that Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst are attached to this project, their contracts much have a clause in it that states they must be involved in one movie that is the result of a directors madness.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comic Book Films

This past weekend me and a friend went and seen Iron Man, and after watching this film. Which was so far the best comic book film out this year, although Dark Knight might take that title in a few weeks.

I had a realization the best comic book movies are good because they have a central theme in the story.

Batman Begins, now this film could be about vengeance, but it is about FEAR, more exactly FEAR being used as a weapon. Criminals strike fear into the hearts of the people of Gotham, The Scarecrow uses his fear toxin to cause panic and Batman uses fear against criminals.

Spiderman, main themes are power and duty and responsibility to use it right. This theme is pretty much out there int he open when Uncle Ben tells Peter "Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". Each of these films Peter tries to escape his responsibility but in the end is drawn back by his sense of duty to do right.

Iron Man, once again this film is about responsibility, rather taking responsibility for one's actions. After Tony Stark comes home after 3 months in captivity and discovering that the weapons his company created and he became wealthy from are falling in the hands of evil men. He decided to create IRON MAN to fix his mistakes.

This is why other comic films such as Superman Returns were lukewarm, what was the central overriding theme of that film?.....there was none.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Disney, Why so Serious?

Once again another Disney Star has a scandalous photo flap...unlike the Vanessa Hudgens mess these photos were only semi nude and taken by a professional photographer. While everyone is trying to blame Billy Ray for the Miley Vanity Fair Fiasco, I suspect that Disney was involved. If you know, Annie Leibowitz who took the "racy" photos was also contracted to do Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams" series of photos of stars in various famous Disney Roles, recently Annie did Julianne Moore as Ariel.

So I suspect that some Disney Exec trying to make a name for them self hired Annie to take a series of photos to further promote Miley as she has a upcoming Hannah Montana movie in the making. Unlike the Million Dreams shoot where Annie was on a script, for VF she was allowed to do whatever she wanted, thus we have this mess.

Now Disney is trying to salvage...I mean cover their ass as they protect one of their major cash cows.

What's next? Zac Efron and a dead prostitute...Well the infamous DC Madame was recently found dead from a "suicide"....hmmmmm....

Media Warrior News Network, We make wild assumptions... you Decide.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How do they get away with this!?


It is called Ratatoing, the blatant obvious ripoff of Rataoulie from Brazil.
It does not stop there.


Here is Little Cars, the ripoff of you guessed it Cars.

I am afraid that Disney has gotten soft of late, they have become all about Hannah Montana and High School Musicals that they lawyers are sleeping on the job. During the Days if Eisner, these guys would be up to their eyes in lawsuits.

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Line is No More

Full Article Here


New Line now joins Carloco Pictures as a studio that had a major hit then drove themselves into the ground with one FLOP picture.

In the early 90's Carloco made over one billion dollars with two hits Terminator 2 and Basic Instinct, then a few moderate hits such as Stargate and Universal Soldier. Then it took one film called Cutthroat Island to cause everything to crash down. The film cost 110 million to make and only earned 10 million. The film lost so much money it earned a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for the Biggest loss ever by a studio. That later was taken by The Adventures of Pluto Nash, but that did not bankrupt a studio.

New Line made over a billion on the LOTR films, ticket sales then accompanies by the merchandise, DVD and TV rights. THen Bob Shaye screws Jackson over his rightful earnings, thus stops the production of the Hobbit. Shaye then tries to do his own fantasy films to show that he can out do Jackson. His film was the Last Mimzy, yep that was one really sucky title.

What really killed New Line was The Golden Compass, a film based on a series of books by a Militant Atheist who openly hated the works of Tolkien and CS Lewis, made some public comments that turned off the public then DECIDED to sink money into a film for this trilogy. Rumors are swirling around the internets that it cost close to 300 million to make. The entire budget of all 3 LOTR films. This was only the first film!

So we have here the same thing that doomed United Artists in 1980, no control over spending and huge ego in control of things. This led to UA sinking 44 million into Heaven's Gate which FLOPPED and folded the studio.

Here we have Shaye ego causing him to piss off Jackson, delay the production of the Hobbit. Then make one film as a pissing contest that was total crap, then sink 300 million into a Holiday film based on books that are labeled as Anti-god and written by n atheist.

Now after that fiasco, Shaye new he was toast and as one desperate last measure. Made good with Jackson, (more like Grovel) to make the Hobbit because he new his job was now on the line.

Money and EGO ever mix well.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chelsea Super Delegate DATE: EPIC FAIL

You know that date had to went BAD for after all of that this Super Delegate decides to go for Obama.

Talk about EPIC FAIL in a campaign riddled with embarassing moments, this is from a Presidental Hopeful who with her and Bill's influence pulled some strings at Avenue Capital Group and Hedge fund a company that donated millions to her political campaign. After getting her daughter a job at this company, she then TRASHES her job at a political rally in Ohio.

So you pull strings to get your daughter a job that you do not approve of? That is like a Baptist reverend pulling strings to get his daughter a job at a seedy strip club.

"Bitchwhore much?"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I learned from the newest Rambo movie.

I just got back from seeing the new RAMBO film with a friend. I would like to share with you several things I learned from this highly informative and educational film.

1. Burma is royally fraked up.

2. Pacifism is a mental disease

3. Don't frak with Rambo.

4. The national sport of Burma is the 50m minefield

5. Red smoke means it time for rape.

6. Don't frak with Rambo.

7. If you go into a genocidal warzone with only Bibles
high ideal and good intentions. Expect to find yourself
in a deep turd situation.

8. War is natural, peace is an accident.

9. High Ideals romantic notions will get brutally bitchsmacked
by reality every time.

10. Don't frak with Rambo.

11. The .50 BMG is designed to be used on vehicles, light armor
and aircraft not people. Use it on people, you turn them into

12. If you are pushed hard enough, killing is as easy as breathing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger

When I first saw the link to the yahoo news article reporting his death. I was in disbelief, as I had to look at the article twice to just for by brain to register it. I expected to hear that Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan died before him. This is the guy who had a career that was really about to take off, we was already filming one movie and had another high profile film The Dark Knight in post production.

It just shows that some celebs have personal problems that do not get known to public. He kept his problems to himself and in many cases with addiction not getting his troubles known by friends or family is what does them in. While Amy and Britney we see their self destructive behavior constantly in the tabloids and blogs daily, not once did we hear that Heath Ledger was struggling with addictions or any health problems.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Craigs List SUCKS

In my quest to end my unemployment status, I am looking for creative and media related jobs on Craigs List. I came to a conclusion, there are not any, if there are it is like looking for a diamond ring in a pile of cow shit.

I applied to two seperate jobs, both turned out to be a joke. One was for a Admin/Clerical Job for a music agency. That sent me a auto response email with two links to some cheap looking website for a rap label. One link was for a online application, second was for the background check that they charged 45 dollars for.


Second was for a freelance writing job, that when I sent in my resume, there was a
auto-response to a link to subscribe to a email magazine for finding freelance jobs.