Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union (Presidency) is today

I'm not going to watch it. But I have to say find the recent state of the Obama Presidency hilarious.

Why, Pres. Obama got his start as a community organizer. What is one? It is a person who organized grass roots and activist groups. Well the recent election of Scott Brown(R) to Ted Kennedy's seat was in partly due to the public opposition of the health care bill compounded with other issues. This victory was fueled by the Tea party movement. A grass roots movement of private citizens who usually do not organize into activist groups and marches.

So in other words, a Professional Community Organizer, who worked with the likes of big labor and ACORN got SCHOOLED.

This is like the New York Yankees getting shut out by a local adult baseball team made of us Amateurs.

President Obama a year ago was being viewed as some "progressive messiah" now even the independents are writing columns asking "what the F***". I told someone a year ago this could happen, and in typical liberal fashion they told me to stop being "negative."

Which goes into why the Tea party movement was effective, in one year this movement derailed much of the President's Agenda yet groups like Code Pink could not do squat against Pres. Bush's Iraq war agenda.

It has to do with tactics. This battle against Obamacare was waged like a military campaign. The TP's had a plan, listed objectives that had to be me to achieve victory, found the oppositions weaknesses and targeted them. They were protesting to expect concrete material results.

Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan and their ilk were all about pulling public stunts to get media attention. Why because they wanted to "create awareness" and do things to give them a "feeling of positivity". Did they get anyone elected to congress or even attempt to throw a wrench into President Bush's agenda? NO!

Two biggest mantra's of the left are "Positivity" and "Create Awareness" none of them even know how to create a plan to actually achieve any goals. They just wait for some messiah to come and bring "hope and change". Because if they feel positive enough it will just magically happen, that is until reality comes and turns it into feces.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Presidental WTF Moment.

Every US president has them, it is a embarrassing moment in their presidency where even their supporters take a pause and SAY WHAT THE F**K! This moment either ends up shrugged off or it can cost them politically.

With Nixon it was Watergate of course.

Clinton it was Monicagate and his "Depends on what is is." quote.

For GW Bush it was Hurricane Katrina, he handled 9/11 in a world class style. You would expect he would do the same for the Hurricane ravaged gulf Coast. Instead he wandered around dazed and confused. That made me look back at 911 and say pres. Bush WTF!

Pres. Obama so far has had several. The biggest was The failed Chicago Olympic Bid. The president who ran a eloquent and intelligent campaign, when to Denmark and dropped the ball. He along with the first lady did the most self centered speeches that managed to probably turn off the delegates on a city that already was having a tough sell against the exotic and sexy Rio De Janerio. After a lackluster promo video, Obama went on about how it would be great for his daughters to see the world in their own backyard, Michelle went on about sitting in her MS ravaged father's lap watching Carl Lewis win hi first gold medal. She would be about 25 when that happened, which means she got her dates wrong or she had a really relationship with her father that crossed into Mackenzie Phillips territory.

The speech should be about Chicago and why it would be a great Olympic city, quips about its culture, history, venues restaurants and its storied sports history that gave us Michael Jordan. Maybe Chi-town might have at least made it to the last round. I really cannot blame him, Chicago probably did not stand a chance against a city with tropical beaches and hot barely legal nekkid girls.

In the end Titties won out.

But it does not explain the recent events, Scott Brown(R) in a special election won what was considered safe territory for the DEMS. In one year he went from the hope and change messiah, to the tea parties effectively bringing his health Care plan down. Unlike the anti-war groups that sprung up because of Iraq, these groups are successful in affecting a President's political agenda. Did Code Pink or Cindy Sheehan get anyone elected that would have derailed Bush move into Iraq? They were too busy doing attention whoring media stunts, interrupting senate hearings and protesting in front of Walter Reed. They did what ever was going to make them feel "positive" not doing something that was going to get them positive results.

MTV Jersey Shore

I heard MTV had a new reality show, like that is really news. But people on the websites, news, daytime talk shows all were going on about Jersey Shore, Snooki, Guidos, whatever. So in order to be up to date on the current stupid pop crap. I decided to check jersey shore out.

I wish I hadn't...MTV really has outdone themselves, They found a group of people that manage to be more superficial than the cast of The Hills, including douchebag Spencer and Plastic Heidi.

The breakout star of this show is a "guidette" called Snooki, from what I observed is pretty much a 4 ft skank who likes fake tan guys who only care about getting ripped at the gym and going to bars. Forget about important things like, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or a college education or learning something that will help you out into your old age. Just because you are ripped does not make you tough or strong. I know people in my NG unit with beer bellies who are much older than "the Situtation", trust me they have been through fare more serious "Situtations" that would have that tanned washboard cowering in a corner soiling himself.

In the first episode she was already having a drama queen tantrum fit, was late for work on her first day, A job selling t-shirts on NJ Boardwalk. Then she got punched in the face by a HS gym teacher at a bar. First of all I usually deplore violence against the female of the species and HS gym teachers. As they are the usual douchebags whose lives peaked being a HS jock who then Spend the next 25 years trying to relive their locker room glory.

At the same time I almost want to give this jack ass a medal, it is also Snooki's fault for going after guys like these. What do you expect to meet up with at a bar.
These people are just like the BO reeking vendors I see at the Gibraltar trade Center in Taylor MI, hocking bootleg crap and assorted JUNK.

Since Snooki is becoming the break out hit, I cannot wait until she gets her own celebrity fashion line, From what I see of her and that poof hair, will be a hilarious disaster bigger than heidiwood. While Heidiwood(Which was reviewed as "high priced hooker wear" that no grown woman should be seen alive in.) was sold at classy celebrity frequented Boutiques such as Kitson. Snooki’s fashion line will be more approximately sold at the skanky closeout clothing outlets at the aforementioned Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor MI or any flea market/dirt mall.

Seriously every time I see a picture of Snooki or any of her housemates I start to smell Gibraltar Trade Center. Maybe that will be her perfume line, Dirtmall by Snooki, the scent that make you smell like leather, old books, and pizza that has been drying out under a warming light for 6 hours.

I thought that scent would be for the one of guys but, all of them probably wear Brut anyways. Brut does have an effect on the ladies…it drives them AWAY! I wore Brut once and I went through the same runny nose, eyes tearing up with skin on fire feeling that I would not experience again until the CBRN chamber at Ft. Jackson.

Finally, like Heidi Montag she will get a record deal which will be an album of derivative pop hits which are just her moaning, groaning and grunting over stock, R&B and Hip Hop beats… Can't wait.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ex-lax Studios

Welcome back to the Show Folks....\

Watch this video...You may know that Michigan has a huge Film Incentives program in place that has been attracting a lot of Hollywood productions coming here. A few I was able to get paid extra work on.

Government Money is like blood in the ocean. Sharks will come to feed. Here we have a con man claiming to be a movie mogul. Gets investors to build him a studio, takes money from them. Claims to a have a deal with New Castle and all of a sudden things fall apart. People do not get paid and he runs off with the cash.

As someone who is unemployed I have no PATIENCE with these games. In Allen Park we have a similar story with Unity 1. A new studio that is being built, Unity 1 founder Jimmy Lifton first claimed in the summer of 2009 during the ground breaking, they first films were going to start production on October. They just now recently finished the deal to OWN the building they will build the studio and hold the production classes.

These incentives are the only thing that Gov Grandholm did that was good, and with 30% unemployment in Wayne County alone cannot afford political games and shenanigans.