Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I learned from the newest Rambo movie.

I just got back from seeing the new RAMBO film with a friend. I would like to share with you several things I learned from this highly informative and educational film.

1. Burma is royally fraked up.

2. Pacifism is a mental disease

3. Don't frak with Rambo.

4. The national sport of Burma is the 50m minefield

5. Red smoke means it time for rape.

6. Don't frak with Rambo.

7. If you go into a genocidal warzone with only Bibles
high ideal and good intentions. Expect to find yourself
in a deep turd situation.

8. War is natural, peace is an accident.

9. High Ideals romantic notions will get brutally bitchsmacked
by reality every time.

10. Don't frak with Rambo.

11. The .50 BMG is designed to be used on vehicles, light armor
and aircraft not people. Use it on people, you turn them into

12. If you are pushed hard enough, killing is as easy as breathing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger

When I first saw the link to the yahoo news article reporting his death. I was in disbelief, as I had to look at the article twice to just for by brain to register it. I expected to hear that Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan died before him. This is the guy who had a career that was really about to take off, we was already filming one movie and had another high profile film The Dark Knight in post production.

It just shows that some celebs have personal problems that do not get known to public. He kept his problems to himself and in many cases with addiction not getting his troubles known by friends or family is what does them in. While Amy and Britney we see their self destructive behavior constantly in the tabloids and blogs daily, not once did we hear that Heath Ledger was struggling with addictions or any health problems.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Craigs List SUCKS

In my quest to end my unemployment status, I am looking for creative and media related jobs on Craigs List. I came to a conclusion, there are not any, if there are it is like looking for a diamond ring in a pile of cow shit.

I applied to two seperate jobs, both turned out to be a joke. One was for a Admin/Clerical Job for a music agency. That sent me a auto response email with two links to some cheap looking website for a rap label. One link was for a online application, second was for the background check that they charged 45 dollars for.


Second was for a freelance writing job, that when I sent in my resume, there was a
auto-response to a link to subscribe to a email magazine for finding freelance jobs.