Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why did Jamie Lynn Spears get pregnant?

It is simple really, First family was torn apart by divorce and the Father had NO SAY when the Mother let Jamie Lynn move to Malibu and shack up her boyfriend at 13 to work on a TV show with no real adult supervision with a adult keeping her in check and telling her what not to do.

Now we have claims by the family that Jamie could have been impregnated by a much older exec from Nickeloedon in an attempt to deflect blame. Sure this might be true but it was the family that let her go to Malibu alone so she can have her career. Even if Jamie was drugged and raped by a Studio Exec, Lynne Spears is still to blame. She was the one who willing let her daughter move alone to a city and work in a adult environment when she was 13 with no proper supervision. In other words this was 7 Degrees of Stupid.

Jamie and Britney never had a real mother, Instead Lynne Spears was spending more time bing her manager than a actual parent. We see what happened when this was tried with the Jackson family or any family where the Parent(s) are more concerned about their child's performance with a certain activity sports/music/theatre than actually making sure they develop into proper adults.

To the parents out there, your kid needs a Father and a Mother, not a soccer coach or dance instructor. So be one.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pain has a face...Let me show it to you.

It is called Hannah Montana Fan Fiction.

There is a list here and one is particular scary

The Twelve Days After Christmas » by KFD reviews
Miley has gone off on tour, leavng Lilly home alone. This is what happens when Miley develops a plan.....Established Liley....WARNINGS: Suicide, Lesbianism and Divorce

Solution ot the WGA strike

I had a solution for awhile to get the shows running and to open up writing opportunites to other writers.

That is let FANS write and send in scripts to the Studios, then I thought this won't work.

Because most fans cannot write for shit, for an example just search for and read most Fan Fiction on the internet. It pretty much SUCKS. For some shows like Disney's Hannah Montana the scripts will be from two sources, pretty much borderline functional illiterate 12-16 year old girls who write only in glitter pen, most scripts of those will be come girl writing themselves into the series as some godawful Mary-Sue character or total full on 46 year old PERVOS who will submit scripts that will go to the execs desk straight to the 4 Chan Party Van.

Only you can stop really bad fan fiction.

Jamie Lynn's boyfriend may not be the father

Click Here

Holy Fraking Shite! If this story is true then Jamie Lynn and Nickleoedon are in for some DEEP SHIT. Some pervo exec is guilty of pedorasty. What it even as shocking was the fact Jamie was looking to date K-FED's brother.

Here we already a case of Jamie not exercising the best of judgment like most 16 year-olds, but now she could be knocked up by some Zoey 101 Executive.

So there is only one culprit that could be....

The real culprit

Yes people..Pedobear. He was on the prowl after Jamie Lynn for sometime and could of had a hand in the Vanessa Hudgens photo fiasco. To the Disney crew of Hannah Montana, keep this bear away from your set. Best bet is to SHOOT IN SIGHT.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An issue I must bring to light...

Of the years that I worked in various retail jobs, I have noticed a growing epidemic of parents who let their kids ride the store bikes and scooters throughout the store aisles. Not only that the store personnel do little to stop it.

When I was a kid in the 1980's, I first of all had more sense than that to do such a thing, second if I did do it I'd be in serious trouble.

Parents hear me out....K-Fart and Anal-mart is not the Tour De France, Roller Derby Rink, or skate park so get your little crotch dropping to stop riding the bike, scooter or skateboard through the store. God Forbid you actually tell the kid's MORON parent(s) to get their kid to stop doing something that is risking injury to himself and other customers at that particular store. If you do the fraktard usually pitches a temper tantrum on how their kid needs to try out the bike before they buy it....whatever.

One time when I worked at my local Kmart for the summer, On one of my days off, one of the managers working in the grocery dept, laid into a kid and his father who were riding bikes throughout the store MIDDAY. This was not lets say at 3am when the store is pretty much empty. Then the Dad got all defensive because he just could not comprehend that doing such things is not only improper but dangerous.

Okay Adults, when you buy a new car from a dealership, does the dealer let you try the car out by permitting you to tear donuts or squeal your tires in the parking lot until they smoke? The answer to that is NO.

I say KFART and Analmart because I never see this crap happening at Tar-zhay or Meijer as they always keep their bikes locked up or do not carry them at all. Here is a cure for this, sell all bikes as you assemble yourself, if the parent(s) complain, tell them toughshit and learn how to use a wrench then direct them to hardware. IKEA makes everyone put all of their furniture together with a little alan wrench that comes with the product.

I am one day waiting for one of these moron ingrates to cause a customer to get hurt, and maybe these dipshits will learn a lesson. There is one hope. I am now seeing a trend of stores with signs that say "No Wheeled shoes" you know those stupid kids with those freaking heelies rolling around.

"Mortal Combat" Murder

Sister charged in "Mortal Kombat" death of 7-year-old
Sister and boyfriend charged in death of Johnstown girl
By Mike McPhee
The Denver Post
Article Last Updated: 12/20/2007 01:25:26 PM MST

Heather Trujillo and Lamar Roberts (Weld County)

* Dec 24:
* Remembering a life cut short
* Dec 23:
* History of alleged abuse surfaces
* Dec 21:
* Sister, boyfriend in court in 7-year-old's death
* Days before custody talks, father learns child is dead
* Dec 20:
* "Mortal Kombat"-style beating led to 7-year-old's death, charges say
* Dec 19:
* 2 charged in 7-year-old's death were re-enacting 'Mortal Kombat'

Johnstown - A quiet, working-class neighborhood in this small town 40 miles north of Denver quickly became distraught over the news of the death of a popular 7-year-old girl, who allegedly died from abuse by her older sister and her boyfriend.

Zoe Garcia, who was described as "a beautiful little girl", died on Dec. 6 from "blunt force trauma" to her brain and central nervous system, according to the Weld County Coroner. Her right wrist was broken, her body had more than 20 bruises, her neck muscles were bleeding and a skin flap near her tongue had been torn.

Zoe's older sister, Heather Trujillo, 16, and her boyfriend, Lamar Roberts, 17, of Westminster, were arrested Tuesday and charged with child abuse resulting in death, Class II felony. They are in custody, each being held on $100,000 bond.

According to the arrest affidavits, Trujillo told investigators she and Roberts were babysitting Zoe and her twin, 3-year-old sisters, while their mother worked at the Corral Bar about five blocks away.

Trujillo said they were acting out the video game "Mortal Combat" by savagely hitting and kicking Zoe, even dropping her on her side, which broke her wrist. Roberts, who claimed to be a martial-arts expert with his hands registered as "lethal weapons, said Zoe had asked him to stop hitting her but that he didn't because "...I was drunk."

Roberts said he had performed a back kick on her, then kicked her again as she ran toward him. She fell back and didn't get up. She had stopped breathing, and Trujillo and Roberts waited 15 minutes before calling for help.

They said they put her in a bath, which temporarily revived her, but that she stopped breathing again. Roberts said he cracked an egg in her mouth "to see if she was messing around with them."

The egg went down her throat, the affidavit stated.

Finally, the mother and paramedics were called. Zoe was taken to the Northern Colorado Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

One neighbor said she suspected Zoe was being abused and said she reported it to authorities before she died.

Rhonda Simonetti said she baby-sat Zoe and her twin sisters twice, for four days each time, when she noticed bruises on Zoe.

"The first time I asked her, she said she fell down the stairs," Simonetti said. "The second time, she started crying and said Lamar had been hitting her."

Simonetti said she took a day off to report the abuse but never heard back.

Gloria Romansik, an administrator with Weld County Social Services, said today she could not comment on the case.

The mother, who has since moved out of the house, could not be reached. The owner of the bar, Jairo Landeros, said the mother still worked there but wouldn't be back until New Years Eve.

Landeros is the father of Nikko Landeros, the Berthoud wrestler who lost his legs in an automobile accident. Landeros bought the Corral Bar earlier this year, after a fundraiser for Nikko was held there.

Neighbors describe the Trujillo family, who moved into the quiet, working-class neighborhood last April as "combative."

"They didn't fit in," said next-door neighbor, Laura Valdivieso. "They were noisy and disruptive."

She said Zoe was "a beautiful little girl, she made friends with everybody. I gave her a jumprope, which she used almost every single day."

John Valdivieso said Zoe once asked him for some bread, which he understood to mean she was looking for food to eat. He gave her half a loaf.

"When the police came to tell us she had died, my wife took it very hard. She started crying," he said. "Zoe helped me dig out some dandelions last summer. She was very sweet."


The guy was drunk when he beat the 7 year old to death, at the same time there is history of abuse and neglect with this girl. Another thing if this guy was a real martial arts "expert" he would have enough sense t know not to use these moves on a 7 year old female. He was not expert, just a worthless piece of garbage. That is like a person claiming to be a firearms safety instructor, and then shooting a loaded rifle aimlessly into a air at a crowded residential subdivision.

Another thing, he and his girlfriend dragged out the mortal kombat issue because they know they are both screwed, as she will go to jail for a long time while her boyfriend will rot on Death Row, or get life and then shanked by some gang-bangers when they found out this martial arts "master" beat a 7 year old to death.

I know all the politicians will take up this issue to get the boomer soccer moms to vote for them to scare them over those evil video games. But my generation knows better and anyone with a working brain after reading this story Mortal Kombat was not to blame.

Not only that previous articles about this story mentioned there was previous abuse of this girl by the dipshit boyfriend. Mortal Kombat is not to blame here, just the lack of responsibility of a excuse for a human being.

Video Game Violence has become the new "temporary insanity".


I am currently unemployed with No cash, because despite having a 4 year degree there is no jobs in my field and I an now overqualified for any basic hourly job.

I did work at a garment processing plant for 3 weeks, I was told I had 60 days to get production numbers up to get in the union. They gave me 3 weeks, why do you ask? Because the union does not want educated people in their ranks.

(WARNING! You are entering UN-Political Correct Zone, you are about to read facts about reality that contradict the perceived notions of the elite media and other interest groups. In other words the truth.)

You see most labor unions want only two types of people

1. Total Morons

2. Illegal Immigrants

People who can be convinced by the union that they are victims of the "evil" corporate masters. Masters that are so evil that they offered them a paying job despite not have a legal reason to be here or are just dumber than a bag of rocks.

So I can not admit my education background for job apps, but this is a tricky effort. Some jobs that require a full on FBI background check, especially those that are involve Airports, Airlines, Railroads to government jobs. Those jobs check everything, if you hide something it makes you suspect.

Second Issue I have with job hunting is the online services like Monster or Careerbuilder. Now Hotjobs and Snagajob are not bad. The aformentioned services suck the shit out of a dead horses ass. Once I got an account with both of them, I immediately received emails from Nigerian Bank Managers, Hot Russian Babes who want to get naked for me, Primerica, and other offers form MLM's scams and emails for jobs that can make $2000-$4000 a week but they do not tell you what the job is.

Craigslist is ust not trustworthy, I prefer job ads where I can see the name and person from a legit company or local business with checkable website and addresses. There are just too many fake ads posted by recuiters and resume miners to get emails so send out ads for their newest "opportunity"