Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamie Lynn's boyfriend may not be the father

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Holy Fraking Shite! If this story is true then Jamie Lynn and Nickleoedon are in for some DEEP SHIT. Some pervo exec is guilty of pedorasty. What it even as shocking was the fact Jamie was looking to date K-FED's brother.

Here we already a case of Jamie not exercising the best of judgment like most 16 year-olds, but now she could be knocked up by some Zoey 101 Executive.

So there is only one culprit that could be....

The real culprit

Yes people..Pedobear. He was on the prowl after Jamie Lynn for sometime and could of had a hand in the Vanessa Hudgens photo fiasco. To the Disney crew of Hannah Montana, keep this bear away from your set. Best bet is to SHOOT IN SIGHT.

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