Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An issue I must bring to light...

Of the years that I worked in various retail jobs, I have noticed a growing epidemic of parents who let their kids ride the store bikes and scooters throughout the store aisles. Not only that the store personnel do little to stop it.

When I was a kid in the 1980's, I first of all had more sense than that to do such a thing, second if I did do it I'd be in serious trouble.

Parents hear me out....K-Fart and Anal-mart is not the Tour De France, Roller Derby Rink, or skate park so get your little crotch dropping to stop riding the bike, scooter or skateboard through the store. God Forbid you actually tell the kid's MORON parent(s) to get their kid to stop doing something that is risking injury to himself and other customers at that particular store. If you do the fraktard usually pitches a temper tantrum on how their kid needs to try out the bike before they buy it....whatever.

One time when I worked at my local Kmart for the summer, On one of my days off, one of the managers working in the grocery dept, laid into a kid and his father who were riding bikes throughout the store MIDDAY. This was not lets say at 3am when the store is pretty much empty. Then the Dad got all defensive because he just could not comprehend that doing such things is not only improper but dangerous.

Okay Adults, when you buy a new car from a dealership, does the dealer let you try the car out by permitting you to tear donuts or squeal your tires in the parking lot until they smoke? The answer to that is NO.

I say KFART and Analmart because I never see this crap happening at Tar-zhay or Meijer as they always keep their bikes locked up or do not carry them at all. Here is a cure for this, sell all bikes as you assemble yourself, if the parent(s) complain, tell them toughshit and learn how to use a wrench then direct them to hardware. IKEA makes everyone put all of their furniture together with a little alan wrench that comes with the product.

I am one day waiting for one of these moron ingrates to cause a customer to get hurt, and maybe these dipshits will learn a lesson. There is one hope. I am now seeing a trend of stores with signs that say "No Wheeled shoes" you know those stupid kids with those freaking heelies rolling around.

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