Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am currently unemployed with No cash, because despite having a 4 year degree there is no jobs in my field and I an now overqualified for any basic hourly job.

I did work at a garment processing plant for 3 weeks, I was told I had 60 days to get production numbers up to get in the union. They gave me 3 weeks, why do you ask? Because the union does not want educated people in their ranks.

(WARNING! You are entering UN-Political Correct Zone, you are about to read facts about reality that contradict the perceived notions of the elite media and other interest groups. In other words the truth.)

You see most labor unions want only two types of people

1. Total Morons

2. Illegal Immigrants

People who can be convinced by the union that they are victims of the "evil" corporate masters. Masters that are so evil that they offered them a paying job despite not have a legal reason to be here or are just dumber than a bag of rocks.

So I can not admit my education background for job apps, but this is a tricky effort. Some jobs that require a full on FBI background check, especially those that are involve Airports, Airlines, Railroads to government jobs. Those jobs check everything, if you hide something it makes you suspect.

Second Issue I have with job hunting is the online services like Monster or Careerbuilder. Now Hotjobs and Snagajob are not bad. The aformentioned services suck the shit out of a dead horses ass. Once I got an account with both of them, I immediately received emails from Nigerian Bank Managers, Hot Russian Babes who want to get naked for me, Primerica, and other offers form MLM's scams and emails for jobs that can make $2000-$4000 a week but they do not tell you what the job is.

Craigslist is ust not trustworthy, I prefer job ads where I can see the name and person from a legit company or local business with checkable website and addresses. There are just too many fake ads posted by recuiters and resume miners to get emails so send out ads for their newest "opportunity"

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