Thursday, December 27, 2007

Solution ot the WGA strike

I had a solution for awhile to get the shows running and to open up writing opportunites to other writers.

That is let FANS write and send in scripts to the Studios, then I thought this won't work.

Because most fans cannot write for shit, for an example just search for and read most Fan Fiction on the internet. It pretty much SUCKS. For some shows like Disney's Hannah Montana the scripts will be from two sources, pretty much borderline functional illiterate 12-16 year old girls who write only in glitter pen, most scripts of those will be come girl writing themselves into the series as some godawful Mary-Sue character or total full on 46 year old PERVOS who will submit scripts that will go to the execs desk straight to the 4 Chan Party Van.

Only you can stop really bad fan fiction.

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