Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why did Jamie Lynn Spears get pregnant?

It is simple really, First family was torn apart by divorce and the Father had NO SAY when the Mother let Jamie Lynn move to Malibu and shack up her boyfriend at 13 to work on a TV show with no real adult supervision with a adult keeping her in check and telling her what not to do.

Now we have claims by the family that Jamie could have been impregnated by a much older exec from Nickeloedon in an attempt to deflect blame. Sure this might be true but it was the family that let her go to Malibu alone so she can have her career. Even if Jamie was drugged and raped by a Studio Exec, Lynne Spears is still to blame. She was the one who willing let her daughter move alone to a city and work in a adult environment when she was 13 with no proper supervision. In other words this was 7 Degrees of Stupid.

Jamie and Britney never had a real mother, Instead Lynne Spears was spending more time bing her manager than a actual parent. We see what happened when this was tried with the Jackson family or any family where the Parent(s) are more concerned about their child's performance with a certain activity sports/music/theatre than actually making sure they develop into proper adults.

To the parents out there, your kid needs a Father and a Mother, not a soccer coach or dance instructor. So be one.

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