Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things I learned from the newest Rambo movie.

I just got back from seeing the new RAMBO film with a friend. I would like to share with you several things I learned from this highly informative and educational film.

1. Burma is royally fraked up.

2. Pacifism is a mental disease

3. Don't frak with Rambo.

4. The national sport of Burma is the 50m minefield

5. Red smoke means it time for rape.

6. Don't frak with Rambo.

7. If you go into a genocidal warzone with only Bibles
high ideal and good intentions. Expect to find yourself
in a deep turd situation.

8. War is natural, peace is an accident.

9. High Ideals romantic notions will get brutally bitchsmacked
by reality every time.

10. Don't frak with Rambo.

11. The .50 BMG is designed to be used on vehicles, light armor
and aircraft not people. Use it on people, you turn them into

12. If you are pushed hard enough, killing is as easy as breathing.

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