Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union (Presidency) is today

I'm not going to watch it. But I have to say find the recent state of the Obama Presidency hilarious.

Why, Pres. Obama got his start as a community organizer. What is one? It is a person who organized grass roots and activist groups. Well the recent election of Scott Brown(R) to Ted Kennedy's seat was in partly due to the public opposition of the health care bill compounded with other issues. This victory was fueled by the Tea party movement. A grass roots movement of private citizens who usually do not organize into activist groups and marches.

So in other words, a Professional Community Organizer, who worked with the likes of big labor and ACORN got SCHOOLED.

This is like the New York Yankees getting shut out by a local adult baseball team made of us Amateurs.

President Obama a year ago was being viewed as some "progressive messiah" now even the independents are writing columns asking "what the F***". I told someone a year ago this could happen, and in typical liberal fashion they told me to stop being "negative."

Which goes into why the Tea party movement was effective, in one year this movement derailed much of the President's Agenda yet groups like Code Pink could not do squat against Pres. Bush's Iraq war agenda.

It has to do with tactics. This battle against Obamacare was waged like a military campaign. The TP's had a plan, listed objectives that had to be me to achieve victory, found the oppositions weaknesses and targeted them. They were protesting to expect concrete material results.

Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan and their ilk were all about pulling public stunts to get media attention. Why because they wanted to "create awareness" and do things to give them a "feeling of positivity". Did they get anyone elected to congress or even attempt to throw a wrench into President Bush's agenda? NO!

Two biggest mantra's of the left are "Positivity" and "Create Awareness" none of them even know how to create a plan to actually achieve any goals. They just wait for some messiah to come and bring "hope and change". Because if they feel positive enough it will just magically happen, that is until reality comes and turns it into feces.

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