Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ex-lax Studios

Welcome back to the Show Folks....\

Watch this video...You may know that Michigan has a huge Film Incentives program in place that has been attracting a lot of Hollywood productions coming here. A few I was able to get paid extra work on.

Government Money is like blood in the ocean. Sharks will come to feed. Here we have a con man claiming to be a movie mogul. Gets investors to build him a studio, takes money from them. Claims to a have a deal with New Castle and all of a sudden things fall apart. People do not get paid and he runs off with the cash.

As someone who is unemployed I have no PATIENCE with these games. In Allen Park we have a similar story with Unity 1. A new studio that is being built, Unity 1 founder Jimmy Lifton first claimed in the summer of 2009 during the ground breaking, they first films were going to start production on October. They just now recently finished the deal to OWN the building they will build the studio and hold the production classes.

These incentives are the only thing that Gov Grandholm did that was good, and with 30% unemployment in Wayne County alone cannot afford political games and shenanigans.

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