Sunday, January 24, 2010

Presidental WTF Moment.

Every US president has them, it is a embarrassing moment in their presidency where even their supporters take a pause and SAY WHAT THE F**K! This moment either ends up shrugged off or it can cost them politically.

With Nixon it was Watergate of course.

Clinton it was Monicagate and his "Depends on what is is." quote.

For GW Bush it was Hurricane Katrina, he handled 9/11 in a world class style. You would expect he would do the same for the Hurricane ravaged gulf Coast. Instead he wandered around dazed and confused. That made me look back at 911 and say pres. Bush WTF!

Pres. Obama so far has had several. The biggest was The failed Chicago Olympic Bid. The president who ran a eloquent and intelligent campaign, when to Denmark and dropped the ball. He along with the first lady did the most self centered speeches that managed to probably turn off the delegates on a city that already was having a tough sell against the exotic and sexy Rio De Janerio. After a lackluster promo video, Obama went on about how it would be great for his daughters to see the world in their own backyard, Michelle went on about sitting in her MS ravaged father's lap watching Carl Lewis win hi first gold medal. She would be about 25 when that happened, which means she got her dates wrong or she had a really relationship with her father that crossed into Mackenzie Phillips territory.

The speech should be about Chicago and why it would be a great Olympic city, quips about its culture, history, venues restaurants and its storied sports history that gave us Michael Jordan. Maybe Chi-town might have at least made it to the last round. I really cannot blame him, Chicago probably did not stand a chance against a city with tropical beaches and hot barely legal nekkid girls.

In the end Titties won out.

But it does not explain the recent events, Scott Brown(R) in a special election won what was considered safe territory for the DEMS. In one year he went from the hope and change messiah, to the tea parties effectively bringing his health Care plan down. Unlike the anti-war groups that sprung up because of Iraq, these groups are successful in affecting a President's political agenda. Did Code Pink or Cindy Sheehan get anyone elected that would have derailed Bush move into Iraq? They were too busy doing attention whoring media stunts, interrupting senate hearings and protesting in front of Walter Reed. They did what ever was going to make them feel "positive" not doing something that was going to get them positive results.

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