Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comic Book Films

This past weekend me and a friend went and seen Iron Man, and after watching this film. Which was so far the best comic book film out this year, although Dark Knight might take that title in a few weeks.

I had a realization the best comic book movies are good because they have a central theme in the story.

Batman Begins, now this film could be about vengeance, but it is about FEAR, more exactly FEAR being used as a weapon. Criminals strike fear into the hearts of the people of Gotham, The Scarecrow uses his fear toxin to cause panic and Batman uses fear against criminals.

Spiderman, main themes are power and duty and responsibility to use it right. This theme is pretty much out there int he open when Uncle Ben tells Peter "Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". Each of these films Peter tries to escape his responsibility but in the end is drawn back by his sense of duty to do right.

Iron Man, once again this film is about responsibility, rather taking responsibility for one's actions. After Tony Stark comes home after 3 months in captivity and discovering that the weapons his company created and he became wealthy from are falling in the hands of evil men. He decided to create IRON MAN to fix his mistakes.

This is why other comic films such as Superman Returns were lukewarm, what was the central overriding theme of that film?.....there was none.

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