Sunday, May 4, 2008

Disney, Why so Serious?

Once again another Disney Star has a scandalous photo flap...unlike the Vanessa Hudgens mess these photos were only semi nude and taken by a professional photographer. While everyone is trying to blame Billy Ray for the Miley Vanity Fair Fiasco, I suspect that Disney was involved. If you know, Annie Leibowitz who took the "racy" photos was also contracted to do Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams" series of photos of stars in various famous Disney Roles, recently Annie did Julianne Moore as Ariel.

So I suspect that some Disney Exec trying to make a name for them self hired Annie to take a series of photos to further promote Miley as she has a upcoming Hannah Montana movie in the making. Unlike the Million Dreams shoot where Annie was on a script, for VF she was allowed to do whatever she wanted, thus we have this mess.

Now Disney is trying to salvage...I mean cover their ass as they protect one of their major cash cows.

What's next? Zac Efron and a dead prostitute...Well the infamous DC Madame was recently found dead from a "suicide"....hmmmmm....

Media Warrior News Network, We make wild assumptions... you Decide.

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