Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Professionalism


I was reading this blog about Lohan, and there is a word that Lindsay needs to get burned into her brain. It is PROFESSIONALISM. She needs to learn it fast if she wants any chance to save what sorry excuse of a career she has.

All talent in holly wood has a expiration date, and Lindsay's expired a long time ago. Now you can delay this date by nurturing your talents and career and avoiding destructive behavior.

It happened when she decided to concentrate more on being a spoiled drunk than her career. Now the Entertainment Machine has moved on to other talent such as Ashley Tisdale and her friends. WHY? because unlike Lindsay, she has a career plan and understands PROFESSIONALISM. She is hard working, determined and bothers to show up to work SOBER and ON TIME. After HSM, she already has two producer credits, a 2nd album in the making. This will evaporate if she decides to care more about getting wasted with her BF at trendy clubs and getting into embarrassing public fiascoes.

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