Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idea for Eddie Murphy's next flop

Since Meet Dave crashed and burned at the Box office, no suprise there as the film was way too much like Norbit, and reeking with the stink of Pluto Nash.

Since I have nothing better to do I come up with a idea that could well be far worse.

ASS WORLDS: The world inside you ass.

The Story is about Average Joe(Murphy) who after swimming at the local beach is attacked by a sea creature which attempts to copulate with his ass. The creature deposits some of its "juice" into his rectum. After getting a rectal exam by his local doctor Proctologist Dr Reeves(Murphy)he discovers the juice has bonded with his Anal contents and created a thriving civilization with streets, homes families and businesses such as PoopShop and McCraps.

Dr reeves seeing the potential of this new world decided to build a exploration team and develops a craft that can miniturize itself and its crew to further explore Ass World and hope to capitalize on this film and build a vacation resort.

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