Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hollywood has lost it's mind part #145

Movies based on toys we GEN Xer's played with are the are the hottest thing right now.

Transformers was a smash hit, GI JOE has a strong opening so the folks Warner Brothers decided to jump on the bandwagon and green light a LEGO FILM. You read that right a LEGO movie. A movie about the same toy building blocks I made forts that my army men had battles in.

YES..First it was Monopoly with Ridley Scott, a announcing of a Candy Land film, Asteroids and now this. Studios are starting to make films on ideas that would have gotten a studio executive laughed out of Hollywood for just mentioning or were the just the stuff of parody on sketch comedy shows like Mad TV and Saturday Night Live.

Since she has a another film coming out, after having a album that no one cares about. Vanessa Hudgens has more NUDE pics out on the INTERNET. I suspect these are pics were taken during the same time as the last ones, and these ones are released strategically to create some sort of media buzz for her.

Here is a word of advice to Miss Vanessa on, Hollywood and nudity.


Nudity especially for females is like playing with gunpowder, nitro glycerin or any volatile susbstance. You do not screw around with it unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

Nudity can either make you a indie darling like Rosario Dawson, or end up in the Slut Swamp like Linday Lohan's nasty ass raping of Marylin Monroe's "Last Sitting" or Alyssa Milano's attempt to shed her teen image by getting topless and going LEZ in Embrace of the Vampire*.

Trying to use nudity to shed off a child friendly image, can backfire horribly. In the end nothing good really happens when people start taking their clothes off.

V you are playing with fire here, with a career already build on the shaky Disney Pop Tart foundation. Only thing keeping your friend Ashley Tisdale is her deep sense of professionalism. Like here at least you are not showing up to set late and intoxicated.

*Which is a very HOT movie by the way and I recommend it.

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