Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dem Lovato Unbroken After Action Review

I just got done listening to Demz first post-treatment album Unbroken  liked but was prevented from loving it.  accordance with US ARMY practices  will give it an after action review.

+ Positives

It is a major accomplishment Demi scored a major victory rising above her disorders and issues to record this album.

The personal songs are the best part of the album. Demi has some strong pipes and these songs use that talent to the fullest.

Selling well so she is doing something right.

- Negatives

No unifying sound - Unbroken is Demz departure form the Camp Rock/Disney Channel Years so s she tryng to be r&b a ballad singer what? t s expected as she contnues to grow her talent. The song "Who;s that boy" with the suggestive "line bed in the shade" just comes off like it was written for someone else but they added the song to add a fun track to balance out all of Her more personal heartfelt ballads. She dd write and record far more songs some had to be left out because way too many personal songs would have burnt the listener out.

Over Produced - Much of prob one has to do with a major issue with many rap-r&b and pop acts. Way too many different producers working on each track. It ends up with a CD that only has 3 good songs. This is why online sales of singles are up while entire albums are down. if people are only gong to put out 3 good songs well we will only buy those songs.

Too many collabs - All night long and Together get forgotten right after you listen to them. All night long barely have DEMI as her strong vocals are not even being used.

What should be done for next album.

Get one Producer - One who will use her talent to the full potential, MJ made Thrller a ht because Quincy Jones  knew how to use Michael's talents. She needs to fuid her Quncy Jones So far the best songs Demz has were done by Toby Gad.

Write all of your songs -for too long she has sung what Disney gave her she was breaking out of that shell with Unbroken next album she will have to totally break loose.

Keep the collabs to a minimum - only get a few good artists future tracks should at least be one fun song with BFF Selena Gomez, a harder track with Eminem  and a ballad with Kelly Clarkson.

Find her sound - MJ was soul/r&b pop crossover Elvis was a mix of country gospel and r&b. To find her sound the best bet s to follow Selena Gomez and get a band hire some talented musicians that she can work with to help discover it

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