Friday, October 2, 2009

Olympics: Obama's Agony of Defeat

Chicago, was the front runner for the 2016 games according to the news SNL filmed a skit with Oprah cheering Chicago's win. They were that sure according to the news sources.

Now it is speculated after hearing from right wing pundits such as Glen Beck and Michelle Malkin about the graft and corruption between the IOC and Obama's cronies.
After Obama's and the First Lady's self centered speech. "Pick Chicago so my daughters can see the games in their backyard." or Michelle's "my father has MS" failed. It probably was what caused Chicago to get kicked to the curb on the 1st round, they were front runner until their pitch which was flat to say the least.

If you think Chicago was bad, for the past week the news heard storied about a teen who was beaten to death while dozens watched and filmed it. Rio in reality is many ways worse, they have slums that make Chicago's worse ghettos look like Park Avenue. Brazil's unseamly side will come out when the world arrives in 2016.

Maybe we can one day see bangkok Thailand get the games, I'd like to see a Thai Delegation try to sell their city. Entertainment, our tranny donkey shows are renowned through out the world. Sport? We have women who can shoot ping pong balls out of their wing wongs and the boys and girls Mens and Womens Gymnastics will also give you private floor excerize for a fee.

Another two reason the USA lost, Atlanta 1996 and Salt Lake 2002. The IOC was not happy the way Atlanta run the games with logistical Charlie Foxtrots and that security issue of the Olympic Park bombing. SLC had they huge scandal with graft bribery and corruption and it took GOP Governor Mitt Romney to pull those games out of the fire and actually turned a profit.

The IOC looked at Chi-Town saw the graft and crony-ism and fact the city is financially strapped and said HELL to the NO! This is another Athens waiting to happen. After 5 years 22 of 23 venues are left deserted and are now decaying. The EU has been left with a $600 million bill for "basic maintenance".

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