Sunday, October 4, 2009

Profiles in Faggotry #1

What do you get when you mix fursuiting, bowlcuts and hardcore Christianity. You get paden Reilly aka Crusader Cat. Like Kirk Cameron, Paden was just another fursuiter who one day found Jesus (probably in Dayton OH, under a bus). Just like Kirk Cameron (who will probably end up in the Fail Chronicles) he thought that Jesus totally wanted him to act like a total dick towards anything and everyone. His claim to faggotry comes from being banned from furraffinity for being true to his namesake pestering the administrators to remove all anti-christian art.

On September 11th, 2009,(nevar forget) Crusadercat decided that over 30 people on FurAffinity were harassing him by making furry porn depicting his character. Rule 34 people. (he claims that he holds the copyright to all brown cats with blond hair in art) and "bashing Christians", which is basically anything that he finds even slightly offensive.

So he does what every furry does when they get pissed off about art or what someone says: cry out about copyright infringement, completely disregard the First Amendment and demand that anything that offends him gets removed from the site immediately because NOBODY should be allowed to make fun of Christians and if he doesn't get his way, he'll get on the phone with his lawyer... to sue a private website that the government has zero control over and isn't breaking any IRL laws.

In June 2009 a video is posted on youtube that implies Crusadercat is indeed sexually attracted to felines.

At age 16, he got two kittens for his birthday. And human... um... sexuality wasn't enough for him. It wouldn't satisfy him. He just thought about it so much. When his cats would lie on top of him - the body, it would arouse him when he was pawing off, so he would start kissing them... and then eventually he just decided that he would commit bestiality. It wasn't easy because they would claw... they weren't declawed yet. Crusadercatgiving detail into how he rapes kittens.

He would commit bestiality in several ways. Including, um, dry-humping, hand jobs and attempted oral sex. He tried various positions. Uh, except for intercourse, because the cats were too small. He was so out of control he wanted to have himself castrated or sterilized to stop the abuse of his poor cats. Crusadercat explaining that he wanted his balls cut off.

More often that not religious zealotry is a cover for the usual real or serious character flaws. For Paden it is hardcore cat screwing.

So crusadercar hats off, you are a true profile in faggotry.

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