Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Demi Lovato, arm chair career advice.

Here is some open advice I have for Demi Lovato after leaving her TV show to concentrate on her personal health.

Movies - Go Indie do not ask for much.
She is going to deal with producers who hear about her issues and will think she is a liability and another Lindsay Lohan. In some ways she is starting over since leaving her show. So she needs to prove to execs that she can do the job, will be there sober, sane and on time. Don't ask for too much, Demi Miley and Selena being popular as they are, THEY ARE NOT SUPER MOVIE STARS, yet. Ramona and Beezus had a respectable BO but was not a blockbuster. Demi was pretty good in her Grey's Anatomy guest role. So do not ask some producer you want 50 mil up front. Not gonna happen. SHE NEEDS TO PROVE that she can still do the job.

For 2 years Demi was struggling with these eating disorders, teen issues and cutting. Was still able to do 3 tv movies, 2 albums, a tour and TV show. She did not totally meltdown like Charlie Sheen, Lohan. Or Mischa Barton who was not even capable of making her own instant coffee in the last TV show she worked for.

Do indies, some lower budget drama, could even deal with themes she is stuggling with. Indie does not mean something dark and depressing it could be an inspiring and positive film to send a message to teens who are struggling with the same issues. Maybe she can do a movie based on the Cupcake Brown book she mentioned on her Seventeen Blog or something similar. A film that is a lower budget, that is not glossed over with SFX will also show the industry her TALENTS.

Music - Going on Tour

Her meltdown that led to her seeking treatment happened on tour. Concert Tours are a lot like my unit going on deployment. (Except for the people trying to kill you thing, which is not far from the truth with some past music acts.) You are far from home, on a very stressful and hectic schedule that causes you to get little rest, sleep let alone proper nutrition.

You are on the road in a tour bus, up at 5 am to go to 3 radio stations, an two tv morning shows to promote your tour. Rehearsals until the evening show, encore than a after party, get on the bus take a nap and start over in the next city.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Recently promoting Monte Carlo led to Selena Gomez getting hospitalized for malnutrition. A millionaire star was not eating enough because things got hectic, with Demi and her eating disorders, she needs family with her to make sure she is properly fueling her body with proper food. In many ways not much different with us soldiers over seas. To properly accomplish our missions we need to make sure we are eating 3 meals a day and DRINK WATER.

Demi mentioned that she feels uneasy being in front of a TV camera, here is another career path. VOICE OVER WORK. She has a real distinctive voice for a Disney Cartoon, this is something like Ashley Tisdale with Phineas and Ferb, that she can do in the same studio she records her music in.

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