Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things little league(oy any youth sports) recuriters will not tell you.

1. You will pay far out the rear for this.

Especially if it is hockey or competitive cheerleading. Penn and Teller. did an eye opening season 9 ep of Bullshit on cheerleading. They had a divorced couple who were paying 10-15k a year for their 3 daughters. Hockey is expensive, you you kid as a interest in sports PRAY that it is B-ball, all that requires is a ball and a pair of shoes. You are not paying for skating lessons, ice time, pricey equipment that they will grow out of every year, entrance fees, fees for tournaments etc. Be weary of any league or martial arts school that is not upfront about what you will pay.

2. 80% will quit before 12 (much of this has to do with 1.)

Kids are fickle, they lose interest in things quickly. It is actually a natural part of the growing process. Adults have also done a great job doing things that will help it along with psychoitic behavior. Much also has to do with the costs. In this economy,  it is not cheaper to fun a kid's world of warcraft addiction and the medical costs in becomes a obese junkfood shut-in than participate in some of these organized sports. That is FUBAR.

High costs are defeating the point of this, Cheap way to have fun with friends.

This is why you have to do this on the cheap, that money is better off being put into bonds or an investment account to pay for school if and when they never get that scholarship or NBA contract. There are 40 million kids in sports and only about 250,000 scholarships. Most of them are at schools you never heard of with sports no one really gives a crap about.

3. There is no law federal, state or otherwise saying we have to do criminal background checks on volunteers.

We always hear some news story about a molester coach or one who is abusive. Molesters will take on jobs that not only get them access to kids but automatically make parents unquestionably trust them. A sports coach is one of those jobs.

If a kid is totally interested in something for 3 years than starts to hate it, RED FLAG.
If a coach or instructor has a problem with you watching practices, RED FLAG.

Thia is juat some simple advice from a single adult with no kids.

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