Saturday, July 2, 2011

DC's Big Reboot

All comic fans know that the end of the summer DC comics will be restarting all their main titles back to #1. At the San Deigo Comic Con all the fan boys are having a protest over this, saying that they are being disprespected or something.

Here is the thing in the big picture, the fan boys do not matter. You see the average comic reader is about 35, not getting younger and the number is shrinking. Comics as a medium is DYING, they need to get fresh blood. Here is a problem COMICS ARE JUST TOO HARD TO GET INTO.

If you cannot follow let me explain, it is not just that kids would rather play their PS3's and XBOXES.
1. Comic are too pricey for kids to casually pick up. The days of picking up a 10 cent book at a spinner rack in a local drug store are long gone. Now you have to go to a specialty store that is not in bike or walking distance from the kids house.

2. Comics just cost too much, at the age of 8-13 $3 bucks a book just costs too much. For the price of a graphic novel collection some kid would rather buy a used video game at gamestop for that much.

3. The books are just too hard to get into. If you look at any superhero comic, just open it up and read it.
if you haven not followed along with the said hero for years you will be lost because that book is tied into a continuity that goes back decades and deals with events that happened before I was born let alone one 12 year old boy. I know this is a problem when I can open up any long running DC title and there will be a word or text clowd with a * that leads to another * that says *Seen in Action Comics #478. Now I have to hunt down some book from another decade just to catch up on what is going on.

#3 is why the reboot is important, but I am afraid like the Crisis on Infinite Earths that DC did in the 1980's to clean up another convoluted alternate universe mess they did in order to please the older readers of the golden age while getting new readers with the new shiny Silver Age. It promised permanent changes that writers are already slowly undoing in the next months issues. I am afraid that DC will half-ass it, as there are already rumors that the Batman restart will still acknowledge much of the past continuity with the previous Robins and Batman Inc.

#1 should be the new #1. Superman should start out as the Worlds First Superhero. Bruce Wayne should be coming back the Gotham and creating his caped persona that will be known as Batman. This should be a new begining as the Silver Age was to the Golden Age one.

One thing DC is doing right is offering digital versions of their books, there are KIDS that will not read a comic but put that online and they will eat it up. Maybe make Kindle readers that can eventually do COLOR and now you can read comics that way.

Newspapers are suffering the same problem, NO ONE reads them when you can get your news online from yahoo or elsewhere.

If comics die as a medium, the characters of Marvel and DC will be just seen as licensed trademarks by their parent company's. Something to put in T-shirts, mugs and to make movies and video games out of until that well runs dry.

So far look at this years SUPERHERO SUMMER, most of the films have either under-preformed or really fallen flat.  Because studios took that genre and ran it dry until they were stuck with making films on second stringer characters. They are second stringers for a reason, Jonah Hex was last summer's big flop, this year Green Lantern was underwhelming, but the studio has green lit a sequel. Because they are desperate for another thing they can build a franchise on since Harry Potter is ending.

Marvel is now owned by Disney. Look at the property that built them Mickey Mouse, do they still make Mickey cartoons, NO except for the CGI preschooler abomination. Mickey is not just a logo for merch and a suit for college students to sweat in and stink up working at their theme parks.

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