Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Three Autos lose Generation Y.

People want to blame all this on high priced UAW labor...there is one cause of this. Lack of marketing and lack of any innovative designs. If you look at all the US car ads vs the Japanese ones, the US ads and cars are all designed for Grandpa in mind. While the Japanese ones are aggressively targeting the youth market.

Here are things the Big 3 needs to do:

Stop whining to the Govt for more bailouts and to change trade laws. Guess what, the US is no longer the sole industrial power anymore. Things worked great for so long because the Big 3 had a monopoly and did not need to really compete for the US carbuyer.

Fundamentally reinvent and rethink your marketing - Most of the US car designs look DATED and still look like something from 20 years ago. These Jap cars are all modern hip and are made for the wired twitter generation with hookups for their MP3 players. So far look at all the sports models, they all have that retro muscle car look. Looks someone who got their drivers license in 1968 not 2008. The main buyer for US cars are baby boomers who are all getting older and going to start dying off. There is no NEW blood coming to take their place.

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