Saturday, July 2, 2011

Superhero summer goes bust

This article is right on all parts.

Here is one point I want to comment on....


Why? Cost vs Value, you see if you wanted to see some 3D superhero movie you would pay $10-15 for the ticket and and another #15 for concessions. That is $30+ per person to go see a movie that they then have to burn gas just to get to a place that shows them. The days of the local movie palace that was walking distance from your house are LONG GONE. 

If you are 16-25 it makes more sense to spend $60 on the next Call of Duty and get months of entertainment online for months at end than spend half that for 90-120 minutes of entertainment. If they really wanted to see it than they will just wait for netflix or "acquire" it on bittorrent.

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