Friday, July 8, 2011

Shows that CORP America needs to watch

There is two programs on TV that every CEO of a US company especially the Big 3 AUTO and DC and MARVEL

These shows are Restaurant Impossible and Hell's Kitchen.

If you look at the BIG 3 Autos they are suffering from some of the same problems as these failing restaurants.
Stale Product, Bad Service, Dirty kitchens as the result of complacency. Negative Public Perception that is the result of this.

Stale Product - many of these places are serving guests, frozen and canned foods in a restaurant with decor still stuck in the 70's This only caters to diners who are aging and with numbers getting smaller with no new blood coming in.

BIG 3 are only selling cars that appeal to a older and shrinking customer base while they let the younger Gen Y buyers move over to the Japanese products. Which have trendier modern designs, are more in their price range have been aggressively marketed to them. Their car designs are all stuck in some retro 70's look with business practices that are still stuck in the 80's with ads even targeted to the boomer generation.

I saw this problem when I went to the North American Auto Show a few years ago, all the Japanese companies were all marketing and promoting their vehicles to the younger buyers. The BG 3 US companies all that displays aimed at anyone older than 45.

Same with Comics their fanbase has a average age of 35. No new readers (kids) ca get involved because the continunity is too convoluted and the content is too mature for them, the product costs too much for them.

SOLUTION - RESTART fraking everything. With comics MARVEL and DC need to really do a restart from #1. DC is doing this but they are only going halfway with it and keeping some of the old backstories. BATMAN has to start at the beginning of his career. Clark Kent has to start with him getting hires at the Daily Planet News Service. Not a Newspaper, as they are dying out and the internet is taking over. but more of a massive global news and media service part of a larger corporate conglomerate run by a Rupert Murdochish Lex Luthor. Clark has he is still some underling news writer is forced to write biased stories about Superman. Hal Jordan should be just getting out of the USAF and starting his job as a test pilot at Ferris so on and so forth. Wonder Woman has just left Paradise Island to enter man's world. Her first job, is off to Afganistan to help women fighting aganist taliban oppression where she meets Capt. Steve Trevor of the US ARMY Special Operations.

BIG 3 - UPDATE your entire vehicle line, maybe keep the Mustang for the older drivers. The FOCUS and Sedans need a MAJOR UPDATE in designs.Keep the Trucks, Vans as those are also solid sales for commercial buyers as F150s are WORK vehicles. Scrap the SUVs, they are large pricey gas guzzling soccercow mobiles. That Gen Y is not interested  because they will not need one for awhile. Because of this economic recession they not having kids that much.

INNOVATE - Chevy VOLT is a good idea, but it is a pricey SPORTS CAR for a hippie having a midlife crisis. Make a smaller cheaper version for the younger crowd it will SELL.

GET NEW BLOOD - The BIG 3 need to aggressively market to the younger generation. They will also have to change the public perception that US cars are overpriced junk made by illiterate High School Dropout UAW workers. The Eminem Chrysler commercial was a HIT, you need to do the same with some younger celebs. Try to get some tween stars to do commercials, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus etc... Why? Because their fans do not have licenses yet.

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