Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enough with the Remakes!

I did some wikipedia research and found that Hollywood is assaulting us with a glut of unnecessary remakes. Most of these remakes exist for risk management, films cost a ton of money to develop and produce, they hope that a remake on a well known title will come with a prepackaged audience.

Land of the Lost(2009) A big budget, a well known star and a well known name. We all know how that worked out. It got its asskicked The Hangover, a low budget original idea with a cast of unknowns.

Turns out even with remakes that you avoid some risks at the same time create some new ones. Name recognition only works if you do the original justice. Land of the Lost didn't do that instead the name was not a "recognizable" as the studio heads believed and the film alienated any true fans the series did have.

Total Recall (1990) - It was a perfect Sci-fi film, a SF films that was intelligent and interesting, not just some film about some stock hero blasting robots or aliens.It had a plot screwed with your head more than a Rekall Vacation. A could see sequel or prequel maybe to help flush out more of the the films universe. NO it is going to be a complete re-imaging of the original film. This will only work if they make a film that can expand the universe of the original film or even a prequel that shows how Quaid gets his memory scrambled in the first place.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: With True Blood heating up HBO and teen girls drooling over Twilight, the public is vampire crazy so some studio heads decide lets remake Buffy. WHY???? Because Kuzui sees this recent vamp craze and his only hope is to resurrect his only real success. Ever heard of a One Trick Pony?

Human Target: A remake of a failed ABC show based on a dead DC comic line starring rick Springfield. This could be a hit just like the new Knight Rider and Bionic Woman. All I know is they better not frak up AIRWOLF. Jan Michael Vincent was DA SHIT!

V: ABC is remaking this classic alien invasion series. Sure the original mini-series was a classic. But it did have some serious flaws like the stupid alien half breed starchild with magical powers who saves day at the end in one of the most cliche Deus Ex Machina cop out of a ending ever.

UFO: Robert Evans is going to produce a remake of this obscure Gerry Anderson sci-fi show from the 70's.

Here are some remakes I could consider NECESSARY.

Judge Dredd - It was announced that a new film is in the works as the Sylvester Stallone film was a box office and critical disaster that as was not a faithful depiction of the comic book character.

Santa Claus: the Movie (1985) In 2008 it was announced that a remake is in the works by the new Ilya Salkind Company, I have to say, with the original film being a critical and box office failure. Maybe a remake is in order to fix the pile of steaming poo that was the original.

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