Thursday, June 25, 2009

When tragedy happens the jokes begin.

Like the death of JFK Jr or the Challenger Disaster people cope with humor, sometimes inappropriate humor.

Here is the jokes on MJ I have seen so far.

I think it's safe to say that he touched all of us as children, in his own way.

Apparently he had a heart attack after someone told him Boyz 2 men was'nt a home delivery service

Apparently in his will he has asked to be melted down and turned into an XBOX 360 so kids can still play with him.

Just think, in a couple of months, we can dig MJ up and he can perform "Thriller" for real.

Michael Jackson tickets are going cheap on Ebay, if anyone is interested...

All his upcoming dates have been cancelled now including tom (aged 9) and james (aged 11)

Some alleged theories include that the king of pop, Michael Jackson, might have perished due to food poisoning after having eaten 12-year old nuts, while other speculate it being a result of 8-year old weiners.

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