Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael jackson is dead at 50

This is a shock, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, The moonwalker or Wacko Jacko is dead from cardiac arrest. Oddly enough, the circumstances of his death and the media circus surround it bears similarities to the death of another icon Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll. Even now they are talking about Jackson's struggle with Prescription Drugs just as Elvis fought addictions to tranquilizers and stimulants.

Just like Elvis I expect there to be a huge fiasco to open up in the next few days as lawyers, spurned business partners and former neverland employees all try to get one last dollar from Jackson. Expect books to come out and interviews on cable tv tabloid shows about all his bizarre antics all from former employees, "friends" and the countless of people who will come out an claim that Jackson fondled them, some might be real.

I knew this new comeback tour was never going to happen, but I though it would be like his past failed business projects. He would disappear and make some lame ass excuse not dropping dead.

Sure in the past few years Jackson became the subject of joke and ridicule but in the 80's, I grew up when MTV began, and Jackson appeared to rock the music scene and put this fledging Music Television network on the map. Latest popstars from Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and the Jonas Bros all owe him a debt because their careers would not exist if not for him. I remember when He was Black and Still had a nose, people went crazy over him in ways that still exceed the recent frenzies over HSM, Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. Miley right now is the closest the entertainment industry has to ma major pop star.

Just as death comes in 3's, Jackson's death casts a huge shadow on 2 other deaths that of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. Farrah was fighting a losing battle with cancer it was shocking but expected, Jackson's death was just like Heath Ledger, you never think in a million years you would hear that he is dead. I expected Lindsay Lohan to be found dead long before we heard Heath died. Heath was much younger who still had his best work ahead of him, Jackson on the other hand had already accomplished his best with albums Thriller and Off the Wall. Thriller which no one even Jackson was never able to top. He could've retired after Thriller and people wuld have said he had an amazing career.

As for him being a molester, he was found innocent but while there were compelling evidence and he his engage in rather suspicious behavior. Like rent out a villa at the Las Vegas Mirage, for him and several boys age 8-12 and ordered large amounts of booze and tobacco, more than he could consume himself and left the place with $10,000
worth of damages.

Michael Jackson dead at 50, 50 it just seems too young to die. For someone who was at a half century he accomplished more in music that other artists do in several lifetimes.

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